Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Barbados Sandy Lane Gold Cup Horse Race | Blog

Тhе Ваrbаdоs Gоld Сuр Fеstіvаl іs trulу а unіquе еvеnt. Іt іs thе mаrquее hоrsе rасе іn thе Саrіbbеаn аs wеll аs а hіghlу аntісіраtеd сulturаl сеlеbrаtіоn that has an international following.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Oistins Fish Market Artisans Lifestyles Barbados

Oistins fish market is one of the most popular local attractions in Barbados. it has the distinction of also being an entertainment center with live music and dance on several nights each moth.

Its open-air dining on the sea-side is a treat for all. Enjoy fresh caught fish of kinds, grilled, BBQ, or fried with peas and rice, macaroni pie, grilled potatoes, veg and salad.

Their are several bars and rum shops, local craft stores and even a farmers market. Its very local and good place to enjoy the Lifestyles Of The Artisan in Barbados.

Monday, February 26, 2018

RAJ Hasting Framers Market Barbados - How his day unfolds

Raj is formerly from Guyana where he was a full time boat builder till that economy ran aground. Now he is farmer, vendor and part time boat builder in Barbados. In this video RAJ explains how his day unfolds. Up early to gather his produce, some from his own garden and most from those farmers he is helping out by bringing their produce to market. see more like this at

Rachels Health and Wellness at Hastings Farmers market

Rachel at Hastings farmers market in Barbados. Hear her explaining her natural health products grown in Barbados. Here she talks about Noni and Soursop leaves. Soursop is now being distributed in Canada and is said to help in treating cancer!

Its best know for making candies and ice cream but recent studies show some health benefits as well as some issues:

"The long, prickly fruit comes from the graviola tree, an evergreen native to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. It's also known as custard apple, guanabana and Brazilian paw paw. Practitioners of herbal medicine use soursop fruit and graviola tree leaves to treat stomach ailments, fever, parasitic infections, hypertension and rheumatism. It's used as a sedative, as well.

But claims of the fruit's anti-cancer properties have attracted the most attention. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry in 1997 suggests that soursop compounds tested on breast cancer cells in culture were more effective than chemotherapy in destroying the cells. But, without clinical trials, there is no data to support the claim." Source

n 2011, the journal Nutrition and Cancer revealed highly promising research on graviola and breast cancer. Researchers found that graviola fruit extract (GFE) suppressed expression of a breast-cancer causing oncogene known as epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) in animal models. According to the researchers, “a 5-wk dietary treatment of GFE (200 mg/kg diet) significantly reduced the protein expression of EGFR in breast tumors by 56%.... Overall, dietary GFE inhibited tumor growth, as measured by wet weight, by 32%.”

Rachel says that the medical profession knows of the these studies and of the cases where soursop leaves have helped others, but they are reluctant to approve or to use it other that in clinical trials. points out that "many of the health benefits of soursop may be based on its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral effects. "

The CancerCenter  cautions on its use and cites a  study in the French West Indies suggest that it could lead to movement disorders similar to Parkinson's disease.

However this is disputed by a habitual user who says "I grew up eating this fruit and drinking the juice made from it as a child his claim is ridiculous and very much a scare tactic." Kenisha believes that the study is flawed:  noting that people with some form or sympotoms of the disease where were questioned about what they ate. "A conclusion was then drawn that some tropical fruits and teas can lead to Parkinson or Parkinson type symptoms. - I find that to be a joke. If that is the case, my study from family history shows way over 87 ppl that have consumed soursop and it's juices for over 30+ years and none have developed this."

 Whatever the controversy is natural product seem to be growing in popularity over chemical drugs with many segments of the population, and as Rachels says "God knows what he is doing".

I am not making any claims or advocating any use. I just admire farmers and artisans who are doing their thing bringing us local fresh products from the land for all to enjoy and benefit from.


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Monday, February 19, 2018

DIGITAL MEDIA Marketing Strategies Book Launch

HOTEL DIGITAL MEDIA Marketing is easy to follow with simple, clear explanations of what needs to be done.

It provides actionable steps on how to do it, so that you can effectively hire and manage the right marketing people or do it yourself.

This is the second book is the series on marketing hotels tourism online. Book 1 WEBSITE explains how to build a website for the digital age. It includes information on messaging sales strategies for people who visit your website.

Digital media looks at how to get people to your website. It examines off site content marketing, social media, sales funnels and building authority for your tourism brand.